Get Up

The pain I feel I Would love to place my mental wrath on you, But I understand that would not do anything for us at all, beside us both getting hurt on a deeper level because I allow my emotion to get the best of my intention; However, the hurt you cause me I don’t know what to do at this instant. Did I fell off for a moment? Yes, I did because it caught me off guard to what type of Hell a person can cause to another person. Yet what I must understand I am control of my peace that I have within myself, but I cannot have my peace because I give you all of me. What I had learned that it is okay to fail at many things, but no one had told me the embarrassment of coming up to not pay attention to people words on how I fell flat on my back, but unless I did not stay on the ground. The ground is a very comfortable place to hide, but do not allow the mistake that was made to cause a great escape from the world. 

The people of the world need to see a person to stand up from their mistake and own it as apart of them. The mistake can give an individual strength as long as you are sincere to the hell you have caused in society.

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Words Have Power

The one tool that a person should use is their listening skills. As an individual listening to how a person expresses is very crucial towards the next person. A person could give off a lot of negative energy that can conflict with a personal interest in life. That could mean an individual could be speaking with a person that could spread disease through another person with their words. The power of words is very people to someone life. When certain people were a child that heard a statement that stated, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Now, the person made up this statement should be incarcerated for false advertisement. The terminology of vocabulary causes a lot of people to deal with dark depression, envy, and suicide because dealing with the person that receives the word may not take with a person give are telling them in life.

How a person receives words can truly be life or death towards a person life; however, we stay in a world that love to glorify the darkness around a person pain. The pain a person is feeling could be like a seed in the wrong soil, it the pain could outgrow the happiness that we have in life. Yet, we cannot measure your happiness from someone opinion of you in life. So, take your on self-identity back and appraised the value of your self-worth through words you like to hear in life.

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The Power of Thought

When Kanye West had stated, “Slavery was a choice”. Some Certain audience was very confused about what he was explaining towards his topic of discussion on TMZ; however, I had to go back and watch the video about the discussion again of what he was speaking about on live television. The metaphor he had used about slavery when he was speaking did not match the concept that Mr. West attempt to speak on in the video. As I watch the video, Mr. West was trying to discuss the power of thinking for yourself and not allowing yourself to be mentally chained to your own worst fear or what the world would label you as a human being. Personally, the audience could have better understand if he had never put slavery was a choice in his speech. Although, he was doing his best to describe the power of freedom well. The understanding that I received from Kanye West will come apart of a time where a person would decide what they want to in life.

Also, Mr. West believed that a person has a choice to change their life around. He believes that a person should think for themselves in society. Yet, to get a there a person would have to encounter the challenge that lays ahead on their path to think for yourself in life. A person can be in control of their life, but a person cannot hold themselves in mentally prison because of the labels that the world gives us in life. Yet, the main voice that what allows to go speechless is our own. The voice that you have within is your golden ticket, but only how it would be able to work in life, if we allow our self to meet the challenges that we placed on ourselves.

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Invest in Yourself

The feeling that I notice about you is strange. How can I build the person that you would like to be in society up, but when it comes to myself, I rather not give myself a chance to finish a goal that I have set for myself? It is nothing wrong with an individual to believe in their self to pursue the vision that comes in their mind, yet it is on the person to accept the challenge that comes forth their path. Yes! The path is tough to encounter on what lays ahead, but at the same time, we would help another person to meet their goals in life. When cannot blame the next person for the things that we have done to help our self in life? It is on our self to achieve the milestone that we have set for our self. How about we stop sharing our self with everyone else and give yourself the time So, that you could understand where your path is heading in life.

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Do Not Forget

We can breathe the air without visual seeing the oxygen inhaling in our lungs. The thoughts we feel is as powerful as the air that we breathe; However, when thoughts manifest, it could be for the bad or the good towards a person situation in life. The atmosphere of thoughts, an individual could feel the pressure of thought, because it can birth an emotion that would be powerful as a nuclear bomb. If a human being cannot handle the thought it would bring a fourth of destruction towards someone life. We have to be careful of what we allow into our mind because it would lead to disaster if we allow it in our life.

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The Key

It is unfair how a person expect another person to same the same once they open up a door for the unexpected.  Now, for the person walking into the door to seek what is behind the door need to understand it could be a dead end in life or fulfillment towards their goals in life.  Yet, just know the person you walk away from will not be the same in life. Once the door open, it is hard to close the door. Truth be told it all depends on the individual taste in life. It is not the door, which gets a person to notice the door. It is really a person desire to notice the door in the first place. The temptation of the door is a person wants in their life because it can cause a person to walk off their course in life. People have a phase that stated, “Life is what you make out of it” could that be a true statement. Well! We shall see at the end.

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The Fire

The angry a person can feel is like gasoline fueling towards a fire.

The emotion can take over a person with the quickness of a wildfire

Like the state of California

For a person not to react is like a Tasmania

Hitting New York City.

The encountering tension of life can be very challenges towards a person

That cannot control their-self.

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The Chase

Once, the game of life gives us the instruction to hit the target. The chase should be easy running after your dream, yet life never describes to us how walking as a human-being our imagination could come at a halt, due to the life elements that we encountering on a daily bases. However, even though life can or could get very challenging; it is on the person to turn that difficult issue into positive opportunities, but a person should not be afraid of their most valuable tools as a human. Which is our decision’s that could help us to grow in ways that can help us to chase your wildest inspiration that is birth from our thoughts, which came from the mind?

The mind is a dangerous weapon especially when a person uses their thoughts as ammunition to manifest their ideas to reality. The assumption of why people do not use their own mind in life because it is difficult to be themselves in a world where being yourself come with a price in society. For example, everyone wants to be like a celebrity. It seems like individuals hold stars on a high pedestal; instead, of themselves. It appears that people would study another person lifestyle, but not examine themselves for their own personal growth. It is nothing wrong with giving other people their credit for personal achievement. Yet, what about the work that you have done or could do in life.

It seems like the only person that is stopping them for being successful is the person under their own skin. We allow the power of our energy towards understanding another person; instead, of ourselves. The only way we can use our mind if we truly focus on our self-goals. In addition, the goal is there to help us to understand that we can put our mind to use in the right manner in life.

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The Door

As I walk on my course, I notice a door; However, The path towards the door is very different from the one I am currently walking on now. I appreciate the route I am walking on, but the temptation of wanted to go towards the door to find out the door was just a dead end. I had lost everything to seek what was behind the door. Actually, the door was a cliff for me to fall behind the door. Luckily, for me, I pay attention to the signs and kept walking on my narrow path towards my destination.

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The life we can live could be much better if we only decided to kill the doubt that we have in our self; however, a person allows the terror of life gets the best of them. We are very frustrated by the fear that we birth on a daily bases because of our indecisive. The mystery of life makes us hesitant to choose because of the unknown on our path call life. Nevertheless, we have to encounter our distress to understand that it does not have any control over us. The only person or thing that have control over us is our self. We give our power away when we become depended on the feeling that we give birth to in life.

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